High Quality CV Checklist

  • August 22 2018
  • sdn

High Quality CV Checklist

Use the following checklist to check your CV. If all the boxes are ticked you are a long way towards a high quality CV!

[Start with…]

Personal details

Brief personal statement highlighting what you considered to be your strongest personal qualitiesand greatest achievement (keep short).


Educational Qualifications (GCSE, A-level, Diploma and Degree)


Voluntary or charitable activities (e.g. unpaid work experience)


Work Experience (including part time or ‘Saturday job’)


Skills (including IT, languages etc)


Interests (all activities and membership of clubs and associations if any)


Concluding statement (you could expand on the points you have made in the opening statement but try not to repeat same information)


Referees (e.g. school teacher, current/past employer or someone you know in connection with your interest. It must not be a family member or someone with who you have a relationship)


[End with…]

Spelling and Grammar
Have you used a spell checker? Use of positive, active language, Easy to pick out facts.

Is all the information about a particular topic together in one place?

Is there a clear structure with appropriate headings and logical development?

Are you using appropriate font, size, colour and bullets for lists?

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