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Changes to Continuing Professional Development

  • June 21, 2017

E​n​​hanced CPD

The enhanced CPD scheme will ensure CPD activity is firmly embedded in the professional life of dental professionals. It is intended to support registrants in doing CPD regularly, in accordance with our standards and within their current scope of practice.

  • Plan – Registrants will identify CPD needs using a personal development plan. This will enable them to evaluate their learning and development needs, in accordance with the GDC’s standards and their scope of practice. This could be done individually or in conjunction with peers or colleagues, the employer/commissioner (such as through an appraisal etc), or the wider dental team. It may also be informed by other information derived from patient feedback, complaints, audit, significant event analysis and peer review processes, or dental practice evaluations, for example.
  • Do – By identifying CPD that best meets their needs, registrants would then embark upon the planned activity in a timely way.
  • Reflect – Following the CPD activity the registrant can reflect on its impact by considering how it has or will enable them to maintain and develop their skills. It would enable them to evaluate how their CPD contributes to supporting them to practise in accordance with our standards and how it has contributed positively to the wider context of patient care.
  • Record– The registrant would then record what they did, including any independently verifiable evidence. They can document the impact and benefits that a CPD event provided, based upon their reflections, and describe how the CPD activity enabled them to achieve outcomes that relate to our standards.

They can then go on to identify further learning needs which could be added to their personal development plan, and so continuing the process.

Verifiable CPD only​

Verifiable CPD is currently that which has quality controls in place. We also advise that it has educational aims and clear outcomes, and an opportunity for participants to give feedback.

We have listened to feedback from registrants and stakeholders about non-verifiable (general) CPD. Based on this, we have agreed to focus the enhanced scheme on verifiable CPD so that can be independently verified, where we require it. This means only CPD activity that is verifiable would be admissible in the Enhanced CPD scheme.

By focusing upon verifiable CPD, we can ensure that the enhanced scheme is credible and generates trust.

It would also provide auditable supporting documentation that is open to scrutiny by us where we require it. This is important to ensure we can provide on-going public assurance that registrants are keeping their skills and knowledge up to date.

We have adjusted the minimum required hours of CPD to reflect this change. More information can be found in the frequently asked questions.

Further information about the new CPD requirements can be found on the GDC website:

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