Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you are already a SDN learner, you have access to a range of useful information and resources to support your course of study. However, we understandably receive a number of Frequently Asked Questions and we have compiled a list of the answers to these below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

What is a Dental Nurse?
Why choose the School of Dental Nursing?
What individual qualities are needed by Dental Nurses?
Do I need to attend a physical class if I enrol on the online course?
What qualifications do dental nurses require?
How is the course delivered?
When do your Diploma courses start?
What is the expected course duration?
Can I study Online?
What are the entry requirements for the National Diploma in Dental Nursing?
What is the duration of the National Diploma in Dental Nursing?
How soon can I apply to work as a Trainee Dental nurse?
What are the opportunities to acquire additional qualifications?
What are the career prospects of Dental Nurses? Where next?
What other qualifications and training will I need to qualify as a Dental Nurse?
Can I get support outside of class hours?
What is the qualification process?
Is this course available to international students?
Who awards the National Diploma?
Online or face-to-face learning?
Which would be better for me, online or face-to-face learning?
Can I cancel my course anytime?
What are the assessment methods?
How are the examinations conducted?
When do I take the examinations?
What are the examination dates?
If I am not able to pass my exams at my first attempt, what options will I have?
If I am not able to finish my RoE within the deadline, can I still sit the exams?
What exams do I have to take as part of the course?
When will I receive my certificate?
How do I register with General dental Council (GDC)?
What is Work Experience?
What is Record of Experience (RoE)
How do you provide support for students to find employment in a dental practice?
Is work experience guaranteed?
When do I start work experience?
How long will it take for me to find a work experience opportunity?
What is the work experience time commitment?
What are the course fees and payment plan?
What does the £485 examination fee cover?
Are there any additional costs?
Are your course fees competitive?
Is this course funded?
Can I do this course alongside my current full-time studies?
Are dental nurses in demand?
Would Dental Nursing be suitable for someone in their 40s looking for a mid-life career change?
Do I need to have employer before I join the course?
How long do I need to be employed before I can take the NEBDN exam?
Can you help me find an employer near to where I live?
What are the Course components?
Is it possible to finish the course in less than a year?
Do I need Indemnity insurance?
How long will it take to complete the course?
Can I use translation app or website during examinations?
How long does it take NEBDN to issue me with Pebblepad RoE login details?
Do I need English and Maths qualifications to study this course?
Wat are the average teaching hours
How many Examinations are there?

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