Is becoming a Dental Nurse the right step for you?

  • November - 04 - 2020

Is becoming a Dental Nurse the right step for you?

Is becoming a Dental Nurse the right step for you?

Yes, if you are looking for a secure career in a people facing environment where you can make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of dental patients.

What qualification do I need?

The National Diploma in Dental Nursing awarded by the NEBDN is the entry qualification to this exciting career. The Diploma is the highest status National qualification of its type and is recognised throughout the Dental Industry.

How long will it take?

We provide a one year part time course leading to the Diploma either online or face- to- face on campus. You will need to commit the equivalent of one day per fortnight (plus self-directed study time) if attending traditional classes but our online course provides maximum flexibility for you to combine study with other commitments.

What are my prospects/career opportunities within the Dental industry?

The prospects for a secure and rewarding career as a Dental Nurse are excellent. There is always a demand for dental treatment and at the present time there is a huge backlog of work because of the impact of COVID-19 earlier in the year. Dental Practices are now fully operational and will continue to need additional Dental Nurses to assist with patient treatment for the foreseeable future. There are also many additional opportunities for you to specialise and progress your career within such areas as:


Oral Health Education

Sedation Nursing

Implant Nursing

Orthodontic Nursing

Fluoride Application

Candidates may also progress into other roles of dentistry such as:

Tutor • Witness or Mentor • Practice manager • Dental technician • Dental hygienist • Dental therapist • Dentist.

What skills and qualities does it take to be a successful Dental Nurse?

In addition to your Diploma qualification you will need to be an outgoing person who can identify with the needs of patients and provide understanding and reassurance as necessary. You will also need to maintain the highest professional standards at all times and observe confidentiality with regard to patient records. You will have to be a good team player as well as acting on your own initiative as the occasion requires. You will welcome the need to exercise considerable individual responsibility.

Why should I invest in the course?

Because for relatively small outlay you will have a gateway to a secure career. Unlike university students you will not accumulate a large student debt which can hang around you for many years.

How much will I pay?

The basic fee for the course is: £1490. This can be spread over a number of instalments and additionally you will receive payment while undergoing your practical work experience in a Dental practice which is an essential component of the course. This will offset the full course fee.

How much will I earn?

Dental Nurses are always in demand with high earning potential. Dental nurse’s salaries can range up to £30k/year accordingly to . Dental Nurses can also progress into senior roles with higher salaries.

Do I have to work in a Dental Practice while studying?

Yes, working in a Dental practice is an essential component of the course in order for you to gain practical experience. Remember we will help you to find a paid work placement so that you can start earning while you learn! We have helped hundreds of students succeed in their careers.

How to apply?

In order to secure a place on the course and start learning you need to take the following steps:

a- Sign up online:

b- Provide the necessary documents as specified

c- Make an initial Payment.

Need more information?

More information about the School of Dental Nursing can be found on this website and interested applicants are always welcome to contact us via our online enquiry form below, by telephone – 0208 993 4500 or via email – to our friendly administrative team.

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