National Diploma - New Syllabus Launch

  • September - 17 - 2019
  • SDN

National Diploma - New Syllabus Launch

NEBDN has been updated to provide more specific learning outcomes, and will be introduced as of Monday 23rd  September 2019. It will be available to view and download on our website 

The syllabus is linked to the assessment methods and new standards used by NEBDN, as well as GDC preparing for practice learning outcomes. The syllabus includes 11 modules with various learning outcomes, these are spilt into performance criteria and knowledge criteria. The syllabus has been rewritten to support Course Providers to include the right amount of detail in teaching sessions.

All NEBDN exam questions will be mapped to the new syllabus by April 2020. Therefore, we request that all course providers are asked to review their teaching materials, to ensure all aspects of the new syllabus are covered, it is anticipated that minimal change to course content will be required.  However, any students  that have been taught using the existing syllabus and are sitting the exam in April 2020 should not be disadvantaged, as the requirements of the syllabus remain the same and still link to preparing for practice and the content matches the current RoE requirements.

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