Refund and Tuition Fees Policy


Course fees are clearly stated on the website and course application form and vary between courses. Students are responsible for the payment of their fees including the registration and examination fees as well as the cost of tuition. Students are reminded that all fees must be up-to-date before they can receive an award of a qualification

Payment/instalment plans: The school wishes to ensure that its courses are accessible and affordable for all who enrol and therefore provides for fees to be paid on an instalment basis for long courses (three months or more duration Details of the payment plan can be seen on the course application form.

Course Transfer Fees

If you wish to transfer to a new teaching session due to non-completion or late completion of your E-Record of Experience/Portfolio you may be charged additional fee at our discretion. If you wish to defer or transfer once on the course, you may be liable for additional charges, set and charged by the Examination board (NEBDN).

Employment/Work Experience

The School of Dental Nursing undertakes to support the student in finding suitable employment so that they can complete their record of experience by providing advice and guidance, but no employment is guaranteed. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that employment is arranged within three months of the commencement of the course. No refund is due if a student fails to complete the course due to the lack of a completed Record of Experience (ROE).

Cancellation and refund policy

The school registration fee for selected courses is non-refundable. Any fees already paid towards the course will not be refunded where cancellations are received after the start of the course.

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